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Ha-Kol Kol Yaakov



The Talmud relates (Tainit22A):

Rabbi Broka the Seer frequented the market place in Dvei Lefet.  Elijah the Prophet was there with him.  'Is there someone here now who has a place in the World-to-Come', asked the Rabbi.  Elijah the Prophet replied, 'Those two also have a place in the World-to-Come'.  The Rabbi went to them and inquired, 'What are your occupations?'  They replied, 'We are happy people, and we make others happy'. 


"Sing to Him, chant praises to Him, relate all of His wonders" (Psalms 105)

The Divine Presence does  not dwell  amid sadness... but only amid joyousness  of fulfilling a mitzvah (Torah command), as it says 'Take a musician, and when the musician played, the hand of G-d was upon him [the prophet Elisha] (Talmud Pesachim 117A)(in Talmud Shabbat 30B).


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